Care and Usage

  • All of our tableware is painted by hand in the town of Deruta in Umbria, Italy.  Because our pieces are low-fired and hand painted, it is not unusual for some discoloration or crazing of the glaze to occur over time.
  • All of our tableware is lead-safe.
  • Although hand-washing is best, your ceramics can go in the dishwasher.  We suggest: Do not use harsh detergents; use the fine china cycle, if you have one; load carefully to avoid chipping.
  • When serving very hot food or drink, warm the piece with hot tap water first to avoid thermal shock (which may cause crazing of the glaze or even cracking).
  • We feel that the glorious tradition and colorful artistry of our ceramics far outweigh the little extra care they require.  We hope that you’ll enjoy using them in your home!